Hui Nalu O Hawaii History

Hui Nalu, the “Club of the Waves”, was founded in 1908 by Duke Kahanamoku, Knute Cottrell and Ken
Winter. Based at the Moana Hotel in Waikiki, swimming was the primary activity of the dub in the early
years. Club members also enjoyed surfing, canoe paddling and kanikapila.

HuiNalu’s mission is to provide educational activities for individuals, families and the community
revolving around ocean activities. The summer regatta season involves age group and open races in
lengths from 1/4 to 1-1/2 miles. The ages of the participants range from 10 to 70+years. Hui Nalu Canoe
Club also sponsors apre-season race in Maunalua Bay dedicated to former head coach Kala Kukea, as
well as a regular season regatta to honor former coach John D. Kaupiko. Long distance racing is limited
to the adult divisions with occasional exceptions.

Hui Nalu O Hawai’i …..

Vision: To come together as a family who shares and cares.

Mission: To promote and provide educational and personal achievement opportunities which
strengthen family, community and individual relationships by:

Providing ocean-oriented education programs special to Hawai’i
Providing other sport activities, programs and opportunities
Providing community improvement and educational programs
Preserving Hawaiian traditions as they relate to the ocean, family and community
Supporting club members to achieve their athletic potential
Nurturing club spirit and personal pride

Beliefs: Our actions are guided by traditional Hawaiian values that produce the safe, healthy
and productive places in which we live.

  • ‘ohana family
  • pono just and hopeful
  • ‘oia’i’o sincere and truthful
  • ho’okipa hospitable
  • ha’aha’a humble
  • malama caring
  • a’o learning and teaching
  •  ha’aheo pride
  • lokomaika’i generosity
  • mana spiritual strength
  • kokua assisting each other
  • lokahi harmony, unity
  • holomua progressing
  • kokikiu striving
  • wiwo’oie courageous
  • ‘imi’ike seeing knowledge
  • laulima cooperation aloha caring for one another

Each member:
-Commits to Hui Nalu’s vision and mission
-Supports and respects other members of the club and community
-Is given opportunities to work and learn with family and friends while contributing to the Hui Nalu
-Participates in educational programs
-Is given the opportunity to make a difference in personal performance, community relations and in the
health of our ocean
-Will abide by the Hui Nalu Code of Conduct